Mancino's Dining Room is NOW OPEN!!
It is the first time opening our dining room to customers since March 17, 2020, so we appreciate your patience in advance.
Our soda fountain dispenser is also be OPEN but NO refills will be allowed.

Mancino's will continue to follow strict Covid-19 guidelines and
will require customers to wear masks upon entering, ordering, waiting and exiting.
Limited seating is necessary in order to social distance safely.

Our awesome crew will do its best to disinfect all areas used after patrons leave, but we ask that customers,
as required in the past, continue to dispose of their own dine-in trash and place their dirty baskets on the receptacles near the exits.

We are so grateful for the good health of our employees with all the challenges we've faced in 2020
and continue to be thankful for our customers' patience, understanding and patronage in 2021!

**PLEASE continue to wear a mask & social distance, and
please stay home if you are at high risk or are feeling sick.**

~The Mancino’s Team~


Our entire menu is available for delivery and make anything to order. We can accommodate any amount of grinders into Grinder Party Boxes for your event. In a Grinder Party Box, a whole grinder, which is about 17 inches long, is cut into ¼’s  so each serving is just over 4 inches. Typically two pieces are recommended for each person, unless you’re serving other items with the grinders such as chips, soups or salads.

If you choose not to have your grinders put into a box, plastic platters with lids are also available for a $5 surcharge. OR we can cut them into ¼’s & wrap them as wholes in foil so you can place them on a platter of your own if you wish.


  • Small Party Box: Choose 3-4 whole grinders (all the same or different) >yields 12-16 pcs.

  • Large Party Box: Choose 5-8 whole grinders (all the same or different) >yields 20-32 pcs.

  • For party boxes: each whole grinder is cut into ¼’s (about 4” sandwich) which is standard, but can be cut into ?’s  (about 3” sandwich piece) if requested to yield more per whole grinder.

  • We can label the inside lid of the box so people can see which grinder is which.

  • Plan on 2 pieces/servings or less per person.

  • Price is determined by each whole grinder ordered. You pay menu price for each whole grinder.

  • If serving chips & cookies and/or soup & salad with the grinders, then portions will typically go farther

Homemade Grinders

Our grinders are home made and come in three sizes, a third, a half or a whole.

Fresh Baked Bread

Mancino's bread is baked fresh daily.

High Quality

Our grinders and pizzas contain high quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Generous Portions

Our grinders are loaded with tasty meats and veggies.